Trump hammers Biden on dangerous ‘America Last lunacy’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump spoke to loud and proud MAGA supporters in Derry, New Hampshire on Monday afternoon, hammering Joe Biden for “America-last lunacy” that has caused global chaos.

In reference to Joe Biden’s recent speech at the White House, Trump explained, “Joe Biden’s speech was a grotesque betrayal of Israel and a confused mess of neocon warmongering and America-Last lunacy.”

He warned that a potential World War III would be “obliteration” and stated that the open border was facilitating “catastrophic global conflict.”

“You could very much end up in World War III because you have an incompetent president,” Trump continued.  

He pointed out that a country had to be “respected” and maybe even “feared” to maintain the careful balance of power on the global stage.

Trump also said during his speech, “Less than one week after innocent men, women, children, and babies were kidnapped, raped, tortured, and slaughtered in the worst terror attack in Israeli history…Crooked Joe went before the American People and said that if you want to support ISRAEL, then you have to give a blank check for his proxy war with Russia also in UKRAINE.”

The 45th president added that he believed that at least 15 million people had crossed over the border illegally and said “they’re coming in for a lot of bad reasons.”

He further noted that since Biden has taken office, “The world is exploding!”

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