Trump holds massive fundraiser for Herschel Walker

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump held a fundraiser for the Senate campaign of Herschel Walker, a former professional football player and Republican running for Senate in Georgia in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

The fundraiser was held at Mar-a-Lago, where President Trump himself took the stage to stump for Walker, who is running against Democrat opponent and current incumbent Raphael Warnock, who began his term in January.

Walker, who won the Heisman Trophy during his freshman year at the University of Georgia, was endorsed by President Trump in September. “Herschel Walker is a friend, a Patriot, and an outstanding American who is going to be a GREAT United States Senator,” Trump said in an official statement. He continued, “He embodies ‘America First’ and the winning spirit of Georgia.”

At the fundraiser in Florida, Trump said that “Herschel is the difference maker in taking back the Senate.” Walker also took the stage and said that “[Trump] is no doubt the greatest president to ever, ever hold office.” He also called President Trump the “people’s President,” and “my friend.”

In November, Republicans scored major victories in several political races, including the Virginia gubernatorial race, where Republican Glenn Youngkin soared to victory, flipping Virginia red for the first time since 2009. Following the wave of victories in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, Herschel Walker predicted, “Georgia is next,” indicating his optimism that the so-called “red wave” will sweep across Georgia during the 2022 elections and catapult him to victory in the Senate.

Previously, Walker stated in an interview with Brietbart News that he was in the race to “win” and to “bring people together.”

He continued, “I didn’t enter the race to look good. I didn’t enter this race because I needed another feather in my cap. I entered this race because I saw something going wrong in this country. I saw people that was saying negative things about America. I saw people talking about this critical race theory. I saw the gas price going out the roof, stuff not on the shelves, and I said, ‘something is not right.’ I got into this race because I said I wanted people to know the buck is going to stop here.”

Additionally, Herschel Walker’s campaign for Senate also raked in a massive $3.7 million in donations just five weeks into his run, making him the highest-earning campaign to directly challenge Sen. Warnock so far. This seems to indicate a high level of enthusiasm and excitement surrounding Walker’s run in Georgia, where many voters have been left replete with political fatigue in the wake of the harrowing 2020 presidential election and Georgia’s pursuant allegations of election fraud and irregularities.

President Trump’s glowing endorsement and fundraising push for Walker will likely continue to work miracles for his campaign and push him closer to a potential victory in the 2022 Senate race.

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