Trump indictment predicted by radio host Rush Limbaugh

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

As President Trump faces yet another politically motivated indictment, predictions made in 2020 by radio legend Rush Limbaugh have come true. Limbaugh predicted that President Trump’s opponents would do everything they could to prevent him from running for a second term. 

In one of his final episodes of The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh told listeners to expect an indictment to be handed down to President Trump to stop him from running for reelection. 

Trending Politics News reported what Limbaugh said on air, “I know that they desperately want Trump gone, and I know that they desperately want it codified that Trump cannot run again because, make no mistake, they remain scared to death of you, and they remain scared to death of Trump.” 

Three years after this prediction, President Trump is now facing his third indictment, with journalists like Mollie Hemingway calling this latest witch hunt “a war against American voters.” 

Rep. William Timmons, R-S.C., wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, what he thought about the latest indictment. He wrote, “The American people can clearly see the weaponized justice system against President Trump, while Hunter Biden gets sweetheart deals and constant cover from the media.” 

Timmons encouraged Americans to vote wisely. He wrote, “We must root out the rot from within if we are to restore faith in our institutions.” 

Limbaugh also spoke about the weaponized justice system and how he believed that it would try and stop President Trump. However, he advised that the Republicans are stronger than that. He said, “They can’t separate you from Trump,” and this is the time that the GOP needs to unite around President Trump

Limbaugh’s words have never been more relevant than they are today.

He said, “They can’t separate you from MAGA. They can’t separate you from Make America Great Again, which I think remains one of our big campaign strengths. They believe they can destroy this bond that exists between you and Trump.”

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