Trump is greeted by overwhelming warmth and love as he returns to ‘the city I helped build’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump was greeted with incredible warmth and love in New York City on Thursday afternoon during a historic rally held in Crotona Park in the South Bronx, where a reported 30,000 people or more filled the streets to show their support for the 45th president. 

“I’m THRILLED to be back in the city I grew up in, the city I spent my life in, the city I helped BUILD, and the city that we all love, NEW YORK CITY!” 

He vowed, “We are going to turn New York City around and we are going to turn it around very, very quickly!” 

The overflowing crowd was pressed tightly around the podium as the president spoke, interspersed by cheering and raucous applause. 

Trump continued, “We’re going to bring safety back to our streets. We’re going to bring success back to our schools. We’re going to bring safety back to every borough and every city of our land!”

He promised to bring businesses and big taxpayers back to New York and declared that under a Trump presidency, “We’re going to make New York bigger, better, and more BEAUTIFUL than ever before and that includes right here in the BRONX!”

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