Trump is NOT ‘angry’ about midterms, reminds Americans that he’s a ‘Stable Genius’

2KDHGD2 Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a rally ahead of the midterm elections, in Miami, Florida, U.S., November 6, 2022. REUTERS/Marco Bello

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President Trump took aim at the “fake narrative” propagated by the mainstream media that he is “angry” about the midterm election results, roasting them with a hefty dose of truth on his aptly-named platform, Truth Social.

“For those many people that are being fed the fake narrative from the corrupt media that I am Angry about the Midterms, don’t believe it,” he wrote. “I am not at all angry, did a great job (I wasn’t the one running!), and am very busy looking into the future.”

The president also quipped, “Remember, I am a ‘Stable Genius.’”

On Thursday, Trump pointed out that his endorsement record was highly successful. “…219 WINS against 16 LOSSES IN THE GENERAL ELECTION, and yet the Fake News writes only unrecognizable junk,” he posted on Truth Social. “No wonder they are all doing sooo badly!”

The 2022 midterm election results are still developing as the chaos of counting mail-in ballots has reportedly stalled tabulation processes in states like Nevada and Arizona, much to the frustration of voting American citizens.

Trump further took a swing at the “fictional stories” being “dumped” on First Lady Melania Trump and Fox News anchor Sean Hannity since Tuesday.

“The Fake News Media is ‘Crazed’ and totally out of control,” he went on. “I only wish the public could understand how really corrupt and crooked they are. They MAKE UP stories and then push them down your throats. Our Country is in big trouble!”

Regardless of the “Fake News” and its agenda, President Trump told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that his plans to make a big announcement at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, Nov. 15, had remained unchanged. He told Fox, “We had tremendous success. Why would anything change?”

Americans anticipate that President Trump may announce a 2024 presidential bid on Tuesday, now that the 2022 midterm elections are out of the way.

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