Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee as Haley flails in her home state

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump has all but laid claim to the GOP presidential primary nomination in 2024, setting his sights on winning South Carolina next week.

Incredibly, new data from Morning Consult has shown that Trump holds the supermajority of support in the GOP primary race ahead of Super Tuesday, which will take place on March 5.

In South Carolina, the president will make a hard push on the campaign trail before the scheduled state primary election on February 24. In Morning Consult’s poll, Trump is leading by an impressive 37 points over Nikki Haley in the Palmetto State, who formerly served as the state’s Republican governor.

The margins of projected victory for Trump are historically massive. For example, the president has an 82-point lead over Haley in Louisiana, a 77-point lead in Oklahoma, and a 75-point lead in Alabama. In fact, it does not appear that there is one Republican primary state where Trump is not leading.

The question for many people at this point is whether Haley will be suspending her campaign after she is likely defeated in her own backyard in South Carolina. The likelihood of her exiting the race is high, given her beleaguered polling and tepid support among Republican voters.

On Saturday, President Trump held a “Get Out the Vote” rally in Conway, South Carolina, where he lambasted his political opponent as a candidate of “Wall Street” and the “war machine.”

During Saturday’s event, the president made a surprise appearance outside of the venue at Coastal Carolina University, addressing a massive overflow crowd.

He promised supporters, “…I just want to thank everybody. So, I’m going to make a speech, but I’m come back [to South Carolina]…we’ll get the BIGGEST arena and we’ll get the biggest piece of land…we’re going to give the best speech you’ve ever heard.”

The president is poised to return to South Carolina on Wednesday, Feb. 14, where he will fire up primary voters at another “Get Out the Vote” rally in North Charleston at the Charleston Area Convention Center.

According to his campaign, the president is expected to deliver remarks at 7:00 p.m. ET.

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