Trump surprises overflow crowd in South Carolina with gracious remarks and a promise

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance in Conway, South Carolina, preceding his scheduled speech at a “Get Out the Vote” Rally on Saturday, giving remarks to a massive overflow crowd.

The crowd was so big on Saturday that countless supporters were still outside the venue before the president’s scheduled speech. In a surprise move, Trump appeared outside and spoke to the crowd, making gracious remarks where he thanked the supporters and the state’s Gov. Henry McMaster, R-S.C.

“I want to THANK everybody, this is INCREDIBLE,” the president told the crowd. “…I wish you could come in!”

He noted that he would have to make a return trip to South Carolina and get a bigger venue, because the turnout was so big. “We’ll have to do another one, we’ll go outside and get everybody in,” he declared.

The president also touched upon the importance of the 2024 election, stating, “We have a country that’s failing…four years ago, we were a GREAT nation.”

He added, “We’re not going to stand for it, we’re going to win in November – we’re going to turn our country around!”

President Trump also urged South Carolinians to “GO AND VOTE” and in the upcoming Palmetto State GOP primary, which will take place on February 24.

“There is more SPIRIT now than there was in 2016 or 2020,” he said. “…I just want to thank everybody. So, I’m going to make a speech, but I’m come back [to South Carolina]…we’ll get the BIGGEST arena and we’ll get the biggest piece of land…we’re going to give the best speech you’ve ever heard!”

“We love you, thank you all,” he concluded, waving to the crowd before he headed back inside for the scheduled event.

Footage shared on social media by RSBN showed a packed venue inside for the president, where eager supporters waited for the president, doing “the wave” and listening to pre-show speakers ahead of Trump’s speech.

Outside, OANN national political correspondent Daniel Baldwin shared a video of the huge crowd outside, which was comprised of a large percentage of young people.

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