Trump: ‘It was me that got 20 out of 28 delinquent NATO countries to start paying’

by Timothy Frudd

President Donald Trump released a statement Wednesday reminding Americans of his monumental achievement of strengthening NATO.

Trump wrote, “People forget so quickly, with the help of the Fake News, that it was me that got the 20 out of 28 delinquent NATO countries to start paying the money that they owed in order to rebuild a floundering NATO.”

The 45th president explained that no one expected NATO to reverse course so quickly and that NATO went from being poor to becoming rich under his leadership. He challenged, “All of the Fake News commentators that said Trump was tearing down NATO should be ashamed of themselves for telling lies.”

“Not only was the United States being taken advantage of by the EU on trade,” Trump continued, “But it was forced to pay the costs of the many delinquent NATO countries.”

In 2018, Trump confronted NATO leaders and demanded they pay their fair share. Underpaying NATO countries responded by committing to raising their contribution and strengthening the alliance.

Trump claimed his actions were quite different than his predecessors, saying, “Bush and Obama did nothing but make speeches and talk-I acted, and acted strongly.”

Reminding Americans of his challenge to NATO leaders, Trump stated, “I said to them, ‘if you don’t pay up, no protection.’ They all paid up, and paid up quickly.” He added, “It’s a story that’s never reported, but that’s only because we have a corrupt press in our Country!”

Trump recently stated, “There would be no NATO if I didn’t act strong and swiftly.” He also warned Europe of the dangers of relying on Russian energy, encouraging them to change their disastrous policies.

While Russia continues its devastating invasion of Ukraine and threatens the surrounding NATO countries, America and NATO are fortunate that the 45th president forced the alliance to become strong through tough talk and policies.

Although NATO is stronger than ever, Trump has warned Americans that a major war with Russia could occur if Vladimir Putin is allowed to continue using Russian aggression to threaten European countries and NATO allies across the world.

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