Trump lays it out: ‘Americans of faith are the SOUL of this country’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump reminded Americans on Thursday evening at the National Religious Broadcasters Presidential Forum that he had done everything in his power in the White House to protect people of faith.

“I will fight even harder for Christians with four more years in the White House,” he pledged in Nashville, Tennessee.

He also derided religious persecution that has been taking place at the behest of the Biden Department of Justice. Trump explained, “The same Biden DOJ that dropped charges against Antifa has rounded up six pro-life activists right here in Tennessee, arresting them for a peaceful protest outside a clinic where they prayed, sang hymns, and were removed with force.”

He continued, “Let’s call these brave Americans what they really are: persecuted…they’re being imprisoned by Joe Biden and his people. Evil people. He’s surrounded by very EVIL people…Joe Biden, because of his gross incompetence is a threat to democracy.”

The president vowed to order a special task force to review the cases of every “political prisoner” who has been unjustly targeted.

“Never again will the federal government be used to target religious believers,” he said.

Trump added, “Americans of faith are not a THREAT to our country. Americans of faith are the SOUL of our country.”

He reminded everyone, “Remember that every communist regime has tried to STAMP out the churches…it’s really dangerous, okay? It’s really a BAD thing.”

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