Trump: ‘Our allegiance is to our COUNTRY and to our CREATOR’

by Summer Lane

President Trump gave heartfelt remarks on Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee, highlighting the power of God’s authority and speaking directly to religious and faithful voters in the United States.

The president delivered remarks at the National Religious Broadcasters Presidential Forum, declaring that the “radical left” was pursuing him and good, Christian people, ultimately, because “they know our allegiance is not to them, our allegiance is to our COUNTRY and to our CREATOR.”

He added, “What they cannot STAND is that in the end, we DO NOT ANSWER to the bureaucrats in Washington – we answer to GOD IN HEAVEN.”

This drew big applause from the crowd.  Trump also asked the crowd “as a friend and an ally” for their prayers. “I will fight even harder for Christians for four more years in the White House,” he pledged.

He reminded Christians that he voided the Johnson Amendment during his term, which had traditionally silenced people of faith from speaking out on political issues as a non-profit. “We got rid of it, and people took a much more active stance…and we’re going to do it again,” he said.

Trump continued, “The people in this room are the people we want to hear from, and they have to have a political voice.”

He pointed out that religious people in the country had “SUCH POWER,” and said that religion, Christianity, and faith were missing from the country. He said, “We have to bring back religion and we have to bring back Christianity in this country.”

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