Trump unveils bold plan to save American education, vows to fire ‘lunatics’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump laid out an excellent plan on Thursday to reclaim American public education from the “radical left maniacs” and deliver authority back to families and parents.

Trump’s policy pitch is the latest offering from the 45th president on how he would utilize the office of the presidency to transform America for the better if he wins back the White House in 2024.

Axing Critical Race Theory

The president’s first order of business would be to penalize schools and educational programs caught using Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom. “First, we will cut federal funding for any school or program pushing Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content onto our children,” he said.

CRT has sprung to the forefront of American education in the last few years. According to The Heritage Foundation, CRT “makes race the prism through which its proponents analyze all aspects of human life…CRT is well-established, driving decision-making according to skin color—not individual value and talent.”

“We’re not going to allow it to happen,” Trump stressed.

Investigating unfair discrimination, stopping dogmatic Marxist ideology

The president took a stand for American Christians in his new policy pitch, pointing out, “The Marxism being preached in our schools is also totally hostile to Judeo-Christian teachings, and in many ways, it’s resembling an established new religion. Can’t let that happen!”

He continued, “For this reason, my administration will aggressively pursue potential violations of the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution. That’s very simple.”

Trump also promised to direct the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate any school district in America that has engaged in “race-based discrimination.” He added, “That includes discrimination against Asian-Americans.”

Clean out corruption at the U.S. Department of Education

“On day one, we will begin to find and remove the radical zealots and Marxists who have infiltrated the federal Department of Education. And that also includes others – and you know who you are…we’re not going to allow anybody to hurt our children,” Trump warned. “…Joe Biden has given these lunatics unchecked power. I will have them fired and escorted from the building.”

Trump further highlighted his approach to curbing the tyrannical iron fist of the Department of Education by promising to tell Congress that any appropriations bill he might sign must “reaffirm the president’s ability to remove defiant employees from the job. It’s all about our children.”

Establish new credentialing body, take a stand for women’s sports

Trump delivered another surprise by pitching a new credentialing body that would revamp education standards in America.

“We will create a new credentialing body that will be the gold standard of anywhere in the world, to certify teachers who embrace patriotic values and support our way of life and understand that their job is not to indoctrinate children, but very simply to educate them,” he stated.

 In another policy pitch that is likely to be popular with parents, Trump vowed to “keep men out of women’s sports,”

Reward states and school districts that implement historic reforms

Finally, Trump stated that his administration would give “massive funding preferences and favorable treatment” to school districts and states who implement the following reforms:

  • Abolish teacher tenure for grades K-12; adopt merit pay to reward good teachers,
  • Drastically cut the bloated number of school administrators, including diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucracy,
  • Adopt a parental bill of rights that includes complete curriculum transparency and some form of universal school choice,
  • Implement the direct election of school principals by the parents. Trump called this “the ultimate form of local control.”

Trump added, “As the saying goes, personnel is policy and at the end of the day, if we have pink-haired communists teaching our kids, we have a major problem. When I’m president, we will put parents back in charge and give them the final say. We will get back to teaching reading, writing and math.”

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