Trump maintains unprecedented momentum in polls as Iowa caucus looms on horizon

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump is set to return to Iowa this weekend amid a rapidly approaching Republican primary election season, where he is set to clinch the nomination in 2024 if his overwhelmingly dominant position in the polls remains solid.

According to the latest 2024 presidential general election data accrued by Real Clear Politics, Trump has a three-point lead over Biden nationwide in a Marquette poll (as of October 5) and a three-point lead in the latest Messenger/HarrisX poll.

However, Trump also scored a whopping ten-point lead over Biden in a recent Washington Post/ABC survey of the general election. In their poll, the president also led massively with younger voters under the age of 35 by a staggering 20 points.

In the GOP primary, Trump is leading by unprecedented margins nationwide. For example, a SurveyUSA poll found that among Republican primary voters, the 45th president had a 56-point lead over the field of GOP candidates.

Last week, the 45th president opted out of participating in the second 2024 GOP presidential primary debate, choosing instead to deliver remarks in Clinton Township, Michigan, to striking United Auto Workers.

Post-debate, without even attending the event, Trump emerged as the dominant victor of the evening. Per data from Public Opinion Strategies, which the president shared on Truth Social, their survey found that Trump led by 31 points in the important early-caucus state of Iowa over Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla. This is a significant lead, especially considering that the Iowa caucuses are only three months away.

Trump also led handily in New Hampshire (28-point lead) and South Carolina (36-point lead). Interestingly, both New Hampshire and South Carolina polls saw DeSantis dropping to third place. At the same time, former Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley moved into the runner-up position with 18 percent support in both polls.

Trump declared his victory over DeSantis on Thursday, noting that distant presidential candidate Haley would now be his focus. He remarked on Truth Social, “Oh well, we took out Ron, a far less talented person than people originally believed, Crooked Joe is down to ‘us’ by 11 Points, and now we have to focus on one of the most overrated people I know, Nikki.”

Trump has slammed Haley as a “Birdbrain” and commented on Thursday that the race in 2024 reminded him of 2016 when his Republican opponents “fell like flies.”

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