Trump pushes back against woke corporations: ‘We have to reclaim America!’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump slammed the radical left’s agenda during an energetic speech delivered at the Student Action Summit in Tampa on Saturday night.

“Our movement needs young people to help push back on woke corporations and their cowardly surrender to the radical left,” Trump declared. “We need to boycott woke corporations just like the radical left boycotts us….Remember, there are more of us than there are of them!”

He added, “The only way to stop this extremism…is if we do to the left exactly what the left does to us.”

During Saturday’s remarks, Trump touched on energy, the Green New Deal – which he facetiously called “The Green New Disaster” – and the ruthlessness of the left’s censorship. “We should use every power at our disposal to stop the war on free speech,” he told the audience.

“We have to reclaim America!” he said to thousands of young American patriots. “The issues we have discussed today are just the beginning…There is so much to be done if we are going to save our country!”

President Trump also stirred the crowd to cheers again when he stated that “the radical left is the PAST…our movement is the FUTURE!”

The 45th president also told the young generation gathered to hear him speak that they are”the generation that is going to stand up and save American freedom.”

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