Trump rails against Biden’s attempt to limit gas-powered consumer choice

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump slams Biden’s attempt to limit voters’ consumer choices by limiting gas-powered cars and appliances, saying that voters have got to have a choice. 

This latest move, which forms part of Biden’s green energy policies and crusade against American energy, has many Americans and President Trump concerned.

Earlier in the year, the Biden administration had proposed new efficacy standards for household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. The goal was to reduce emissions which, in doing so, created more problems regarding water consumption. 

The Department of the Interior, along with the Biden administration, came up with the America the Beautiful initiative, which aimed at restoring and conserving 30 percent of water by 2030. 

President Trump pointed out the irony of these policies to Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. The Washington Examiner reported what President Trump said in the short clip, “I mean, the dishwashers, they were telling me you have to run it five times because it hasn’t got enough water. So what they do, on on on, they end up using more water.” 

On top of the new appliance efficiency standards, the Biden administration has also been pushing for the use of electric vehicles.

Electrical vehicle prices are more expensive, and with inflation at an all-time high under the Biden administration, President Trump feels limiting consumer choice is a bad move.

President Trump also said, “You’ve got to have choice, like in school, we want school choice. We want choice for buying cars and washing machines and all of this stuff.” 

President Trump has assured Americans that once he is president again, he will reverse some of Biden’s “green” policies. He told Kudlow, “We have a lot of common sense. And the problem is that they don’t have common sense. They don’t know what they’re doing. And they’re destroying our country. We’ll turn it around fast.”

For now, President Trump is currently dominating the GOP polls, with 60 percent of primary voters now supporting him while he continues to fight bogus trials and persecution.  

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