Trump reflects on building U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem: ‘WE GOT IT BUILT’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump shared some insight into the process of building the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem when he was president, highlighting an important 2016 campaign promise that he fulfilled during his first term in office.

“We built the embassy in four months…we not only improved it…but we also GOT IT BUILT,” he declared to a packed house of Republican supporters in Lee County, Florida. “…We had the best location – we had a beautiful, beautiful building.”

More of Trump’s remarks in Florida on Friday

Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel when he was president, and he famously brokered the historic Abraham Accords, which brought peace to the Middle East.

He added that the Biden administration “blew it” with the Iran nuclear deal and allowed the hostile country “to get away with all the things that they’re doing.”

In his remarks, President Trump touched on the economy, Covid, and his work rebuilding the U.S. military. He facetiously added that the country did not need “bullshit” artists as the nation has careened toward chaos and global war since he left office.

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