Trump reflects on his time at the White House: ‘There is nothing like running this country’

by Meredith Minto

President Trump sat down with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in Mar-a-Largo to discuss election integrity, the 2020 election, and what the White House was like under his presidency.

The first question Lindell asked was how does being president compare to running his businesses. “Was running the country what you expected? Was it like running your business?” Lindell asked.

President Trump answered, “So I would say there are things that you can learn and have learned from running a business, but there’s nothing like running this country.”

“Part of it is a beautiful thing, and part of it is a horrible thing,” he said, “We were attacked from every angle. We wanted to do things that were good, that you understand that are good – and anyone with common sense understands that is good.”

The 45th president went into detail discussing his eventful four years at the White House and recalling the “impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two, the Mueller thing, which proved no collusion and all of these different things happened.”

He continued, “I have always said that I have two jobs to run the country, and I think we did better than just about anybody. We did a good job on unemployment, you look at energy, we were energy independent and you look at what’s happening now, our military, we rebuilt it.”

Trump expounded on his experience as president, “I had to run the country, and I had to survive. And the survival was by far the tougher.”

“We were being hit on by these Radical Left groups, which are very dangerous for our country,” Trump explained.

One of President Trump’s 2020 catchphrases, “Promises Made. Promises Kept,” became one of the defining slogans for the Trump-Pence administration. Under President Trump, the United States had one of the strongest economies it has seen in the 21st century. He signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law and ensured one of the most secure borders in United States history.

Watch President Trump’s full interview with Mike Lindell here.

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