Trump says cheating is the ‘BIGGEST FEAR,’ plans to ask for ‘dismissal’ of most of his 91 charges

by Grace Saldana

Photo: Alamy

President Trump has issued a warning against the “biggest” threat U.S. elections face today: cheating.

During remarks at the South Dakota GOP’s “Monumental Leaders Rally” on Friday night, President Trump warned, “we have to be so careful, we have to make sure they don’t cheat because they are cheaters and that’s the biggest fear…”

The 45th president continued to emphasize the importance of election integrity amid his wide lead over other GOP candidates.

“Our momentum is unprecedented and, hopefully, unstoppable and that’s the reason that Joe Biden’s ordered his leading opponent arrested on 91 FAKE and PHONY charges,” Trump told South Dakotans.

“But we’re going to ask for dismissals on a lot of it. Most of it…It’s called dismiss the charges…” he added, revealing new steps to combat the four indictments he has been hit with this year alone.

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