Trump PACKS venue in South Dakota, marking an incredible turnout for first visit in 3 years

by Grace Saldana

President Donald J. Trump gave remarks to an energetic crowd in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Friday night during the SD GOP’s “Monumental Leaders Rally.”

In typical fashion for a Trump rally, supporters from far and wide poured into the state to hear the 45th president speak at “The Monument” in Rapid City. President Trump’s most enthused supporters wrapped around the building several hours before his planned remarks for entry to his rare appearance in the Mount Rushmore State.

Final attendance numbers have yet to be revealed, but early estimates reportedly near the venue’s 7,450 capacity.

A panoramic view of the impressive rally crowd in Rapid City shows an electrified MAGA base cheering for the 45th president and waving “TRUMP 2024” signs.

As seen on RSBN, supporters inside the venue chanted, “WE LOVE TRUMP! WE LOVE TRUMP!”

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