Trump says he was ‘right about everything,’ vows to turn country around

by Samantha Flom

President Donald Trump touted his record of being “right about everything” Sunday at a Save America rally in Greenwood, Nebraska. 

The comment came as the 45th president contrasted his handling of Covid-19 against Joe Biden’s.

Calling the Democrat Party the “party of disinformation,” Trump noted that he had been right about the source of the virus. Many believe it originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, though China and government officials vehemently denied the notion during Trump’s presidency.

“I was right about Wuhan,” he said. “I was right about – I think I was right about everything.”

And the crowd agreed, cheering in response to the president’s remarks.

In closing, Trump added: “What a mess this country’s in. Our country’s going to hell, but we’ll turn it around – we’re gonna turn it around.”

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