Trump says Russia-Ukraine conflict would be ‘unthinkable’ if he were in office

President Donald Trump says the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine “was not even thinkable” while he was in office, and certainly “wouldn’t have happened.”

Trump gave his take on the Biden administration’s handling of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine during an interview on Tuesday evening with Newsmax. The 45th president explained that to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, “You have to project strength.” Trump added, “He doesn’t have any respect for our leadership. He doesn’t have any respect for our country anymore.”

Trump emphasized that the United States did not have problems with Russia under his leadership. He said, “They respected our country, and frankly, they respected our leader a year ago. This is not something that was ever going to happen.”

This is not the first time the 45th president has weighed in on the matter. He recently commented, “What’s happening with Russia and Ukraine would never have happened under the Trump Administration. Not even a possibility!”

The Biden administration has been scrambling to respond to fears of Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine, which Trump believes is due to the weakness of the Biden administration. “Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence is creating a very real risk of World War Three,” said the 45th president at a massive rally last week in Texas.

Fox News reported this week that 3,000 U.S. military troops are being deployed to NATO’s eastern flank. This comes after the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea region to return home American families who were staying at the U.S. embassy in Ukraine.

As tensions continue to rise between Russia and Ukraine, Americans are dependent upon the Biden administration to use diplomacy to avoid worldwide conflict. The Biden administration has already taken criticism from Ukraine for fearmongering the world.

The situation between Russia and Ukraine has caused Republicans to point out the weakness of the Biden administration and remind Americans of the strength and respect the United States had under President Trump. Now the world is watching to see how Biden will handle the latest developments between Russia and Ukraine.

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