Trump slams more police presence at ‘J6’ Capitol rally than the southern border

by Libby Krieger

President Donald Trump sounded off on the lack of police presence at the U.S. border with Mexico while officers vastly outnumbered demonstrators at the “Justice for J6” rally on Saturday.

“It is incredible that our National Guard is standing at the empty Capitol,” Trump said in a statement, “not at our Southern Border, where the number of illegals coming into our Country is at a level that has never been seen before!”

With even the New York Times admitting that fewer than 100 people attended the rally in support of Jan. 6 prisoners, the surmounting police presence proved to be a political response.

The rally, meant to protest the treatment of those charged in connection to Jan. 6, was mostly filled with media and police—far outnumbering protestors, The Hill reported. Not only did media and police numbers dwarf event attendees, but extra fencing was also erected around the capitol for protection from the small, right-wing crowd.

While police presence was amped for the peaceful protest, it was sparse for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants actively attempting to cross the southern border, President Trump noted.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encounters at the U.S.- Mexico border hit a new high in the month of July alone, reaching over 213,000 illegal crossing encounters.

Of those who have illegally crossed into the United States in 2021, the majority have been single adults rather than unaccompanied minors or individuals in a family unit.

Though August encounters were slightly less than July, the 208,000 illegal alien encounters still indicate a remarkable influx under Joe Biden compared to the Trump administration.

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