Trump slams ‘Old Broken Crow’ McConnell for attempting to take down Trump-backed candidate Kelly Tshibaka

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump slammed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for allegedly authorizing $9 million to take down Trump-backed candidate Kelly Tshibaka, who is fighting to oust Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska’s Senate race.

“Kelly Tshibaka is doing very well in Alaska, probably leading horrendously bad Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican (barely!),” Trump wrote on Truth Social Monday. “The Democrat has no chance, and yet the Old Broken Crow, Mitchell McConnell, is authorizing $9 Million Dollars to be spent in order to beat a great Republican, Kelly, instead of $9 Million Dollars that could be used for Blake Masters, and other Republicans, that with this money would beat their Democrat opponent. Isn’t it ironic?”

Trump’s comments come after a super PAC tied to McConnell released an ad accusing Tshibaka of committing fraud while she worked for the federal government under Trump and Obama, the Washington Examiner reported.

The ad, paid by the Senate Leadership Fund, claims that Tshibaka “charged taxpayers $81,000 to move her family from D.C. to Anchorage, then quit without repaying a dime, yet Tshibaka got paid $190,000, over $36,000 more than her predecessors.”

Additionally, it alleges that “Tshibaka likely committed fraud while working in Washington, charging taxpayers over $35,000 for work she didn’t do,” the outlet further reported.

As of Oct. 11, FiveThirtyEight projects Republicans have a 99 percent chance of winning the state’s Senate seat. With Democrats’ extremely low chances of flipping the seat, the race comes down to the two Republican candidates. FiveThirtyEight’s simulation shows that Tshibaka has the best chance of winning.

President Trump also scorned Murkowski during his Save America rally in Anchorage, Alaska, in July. “I rate her number one bad…she’s by far the worst!” he said.

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