Trump teases 2024 presidential run in Thanksgiving message

by Alex Caldwell

President Donald Trump delivered a Thanksgiving statement on Thursday hinting towards a potential 2024 presidential run.

“A very interesting time in our Country, but do not worry, we will be great again—and we will all do it together,” said Trump. “America will never fail, and we will never allow it to go in the wrong direction. Too many generations of greatness are counting on us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing that a wonderful future lies ahead!”

Trump has continually teased at a 2024 presidential run, even revealing to Fox News earlier this month that he thinks “a lot of people will be very happy, frankly, with the decision,” and he that he will likely announce a decision after the 2022 midterms.

Concurrently, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed last week that Joe Biden, who will be 81 years old in 2024, intends to run for re-election.

Pre-election polling also indicates that Joe Biden and Democrats will not coast to victory in the 2024 presidential race.

A November Fabrizio, Lee & Associates poll reported by Politico revealed that Trump is ahead of Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which Biden won in 2020, in a 2024 hypothetical matchup. A Rasmussen Reports/ Pulse Opinion Research poll also reported that 41 percent of Americans favorably view Biden, while 58 percent do not.

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