Trump teases what he is doing on debate night

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump will not be attending the Wednesday night GOP primary debate, but he has other plans.

RSBN reported that Trump has announced he will not participate in the debates. For weeks now, rumors have circulated that he will give an interview to Tucker Carlson on X. 

While the proposed Tucker Carlson interview of President Trump has not been 100 percent officially confirmed, President Trump did note on Truth Social that various people have suggested he skip the debate in favor of a one-on-one interview with Carlson. 

On Tuesday, one day before debate night, President Trump posted to Truth Social teasing this assumption. He stated, “I WILL BE VERY BUSY TOMORROW NIGHT – ENJOY!!!”

Social media has exploded with this idea as thousands of Americans pledged to watch the unconfirmed interview instead of the conventional debates.

Political commentary account Team USA posted, “I’ll be watching Trump and Tucker on X tomorrow night instead of the Fox News Debate. Tucker and Trump are going to dominate the ratings!”

“Liberty Lockdowns” host Clint Russell called the debate host, Fox News, a “dying relic” and said, “Tucker and Trump are gonna end you.”

Podcasters Hodgetwins mocked CNN’s coverage of Bakari Sellers, who stated that “Donald Trump’s counterprogramming is horrible. I don’t think anyone is going to be watching @TuckerCarlson on Twitter.”

They disagreed, stating, “Everybody gonna be watching Tucker and Trump.”

Author and ACT for America Founder and Chairman Brigitte Gabriel noted, “More people will watch President Donald J Trump and Tucker Carlson’s interview together than will watch the Fox News Presidential Debate.”

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