Trump to hold news conference at Mar-a-Lago on anniversary of Jan. 6 protests

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he will hold a news conference at his Mar-a-Lago Florida residence on Jan. 6, 2022 one year after the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building.

“I will be having a news conference on January 6th at Mar-a-Lago to discuss all of these points, and more,” Trump wrote in a statement, defining what he referred to as the real “cause” of the Jan. 6 protest.

“Until then, remember, the insurrection took place on November 3rd, it was the completely unarmed protest of the rigged election that took place on January 6th,” he added.

Trump slammed members of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee for not investigating the cause of the massive protest, which he answered was the “rigged Presidential Election of 2020.”

“Why isn’t the Unselect Committee of highly partisan political hacks investigating the CAUSE of the January 6th protest, which was the rigged Presidential Election of 2020?” asked Trump.

“Does anybody notice that they want to stay as far away from that topic as possible, the numbers don’t work for them, or even come close. They only thing they can do is not talk about it,” he added.

Trump accused several states of having “horrendously corrupt” election results, attacking the “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only) in states like Michigan for certifying the disputed results and not acknowledging the reported irregularities.

Hearings and audits from states like Arizona and Wisconsin have reported tens of thousands of election irregularities from the states’ 2020 presidential election results, including unrealistically inflated voter rolls and issues with mail-in ballots.

“Look at what is going on now in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and, to a lesser extent, Michigan where the numbers are horrendously corrupt in Detroit, but the weak Republican RINOs in the Michigan House and Senate don’t want to touch the subject,” Trump wrote. “In many ways a RINO is worse than a Radical Left Democrat, because you don’t know where they are coming from and you have no idea how bad they really are for our Country.”

Republican Reps. Anthony Gonzalez (left) and Adam Kinzinger (right) announced they wouldn’t seek re-election to the House in 2022. Both Congressmen voted to impeach President Trump over the breaching of the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6.

“The good news is there are fewer and fewer RINOs left as we elect strong Patriots who love America,” said Trump.

Of the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach President Trump over the Jan. 6 Capitol protests, Reps. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) and Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio) announced they would retire from the House in 2022. Trump has endorsed primary challengers running against the other Republicans that voted to impeach him.

Trump will hold his first news conference of the new year at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla. on Jan. 6, 2022.

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