Trump’s 2021 review: How Joe Biden has created a border crisis

by Meredith Minto

President Trump released a statement on Wednesday that harshly criticized Joe Biden on his first year in the White House.

Trump’s “Year in Review” showed the catastrophic policies and downfalls that have made America’s post-Covid-19 recovery tank from where economists predicted it should be, and also picked apart Biden’s disastrous border security moves, and more.

The statement started off by saying, “In one year, Biden has caused a border crisis, an energy crisis, an inflation crisis, a labor crisis, a supply chain crisis, and a violent crime crisis—all while pushing the most radical left-wing agenda in history.”

While the economy tanked, Biden’s border and crime policies were some of the most radical and extreme yet. In the Year in Review, Trump goes into detail about how Biden inherited the most secure border in American history, and how he has reversed some of the most important border policies that helped strengthen and secure the Southern Border and Americans across the country from illegal immigrants.

  • Under President Trump, the illegal border crossings fell by 90%, and the administration stopped catch and release, and made sure that when migrants were caught they were promptly detained and sent back to their home.
  • Under President Trump, the Southern Border wall was secure and being built just as promised. By the time he left office, there were over 650 miles of wall built, with over 700 miles being fully funded.
  • President Trump deported nearly 20,000 gang members, while also deporting 4,500 members of the violent gang MS-13 gang.

As the statement continues, he details how Joe Biden has fully reversed the safest southern border in American history:

  • Biden instead, reinforced catch and release, while also stopping removals and stopping the construction of the border wall.
  • Biden also completely reversed the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy, while continuously getting rid of asylum agreements with El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.
  • Biden had also ended a functional shut down of ICE, also releasing criminals back onto the streets of America.
  • Under Biden, 2021 was a 21 year high for illegal border crossings. While President Trump had it under control, Biden blamed it on shifting weather, saying it “happens every year”.
  • Kamala Harris claimed that the border surge in April was due to “climate” issues.

Ending his statement, the 45th president added, “In total, in 2021, Biden has aided and abetted over 2 MILLION illegal aliens in entering the United States—and even that number is a huge understatement. Because vast sections of the border are currently not patrolled as agents are conscripted into providing FREE TRANSPORT SERVICES to shuttle illegal aliens into the interior, these numbers are only a proxy for the mass influx that is occurring.”

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