Trump’s lawyer stands by him amid new sexual harassment allusions

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

In the wake of the questionable E. Jean Carroll verdict, per RSBN, new sexual harassment claims have been alluded to by former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin, and President Trump’s campaign lawyer has come to his defense.

On Twitter, Christina Bobb proudly posted a Newsweek article in which she stated, “I love working for him and working with him.” She also emphasized that “never once” did she feel uncomfortable in President Trump’s presence. 

According to another Newsweek report, Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed that she witnessed “incidents” that she personally considered “improper,” regarding President Trump and other women, but no one has come forward to substantiate these claims. 

Meanwhile, the media focus on President Trump’s E. Jean Carroll verdict refuses to acknowledge that Carroll is on record stating, “It was not a crime,” and “I have not been raped,” that there are no witnesses despite the alleged incident taking place in public, and that she has used sexual abuse allegations to promote her book, per The Federalist.

This will not stop mainstream news outlets from using both situations to, once again, attempt to discredit and potentially defame President Trump. False sexual abuse allegations have become a political strategy, used to weaponize the justice system against conservative men while liberal politicians somehow skirt around serious concerns regarding their conduct with the opposite sex. 

Biden has been repeatedly accused of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct while serving in Washington, according to Business Insider. Also, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned from office due to sexual harassment allegations amid investigations regarding his decision to place covid patients in nursing homes — which led to record nursing home deaths, via the New York Post.

Despite these high-profile cases, neither politician has been as investigated as President Trump has, or legally punished while allegations continue to be covered by the mainstream media based on political affiliation instead of evidence. 

This has become such an issue in recent times that The Hill reported on a potential need to legally “punish false accusers,” and there is even an organization called Fair Punishment which advises people on how to protect themselves when falsely accused of crimes such as these. 

One of the first steps listed is to hire a good lawyer, which President Trump and his campaign have done. Christina Bobb remains a trusted counsel as she continues to defend President Trump.

She stated, “He’s a great man, funny, and a pleasure to be around.” 

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