President Trump holds commanding lead in Iowa Republican Caucus poll

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump’s dominance in the Republican Party continues as he remains the preferred choice among GOP Iowa caucus voters, according to a poll published by the Trump team.

According to the Trump campaign, a McLaughlin & Associates poll found President Trump to be the “clear frontrunner” among GOP presidential caucus voters. In several candidate and head-to-head ballots, the 45th president easily defeated possible competitor Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.

The poll of 500 probable Iowa Republican Caucus voters conducted from April 27-30 revealed that in multiple candidate votes, President Trump took the lead with 54 percent of the vote, establishing a 34-point lead over DeSantis. Similarly, President Trump triumphed over DeSantis in a head-to-head battle, winning with 57 percent of the vote.

Furthermore, President Trump was the unquestionable favorite among a variety of key voting blocs among GOP caucus voters. Voters who considered themselves extremely conservative and pro-life, as well as agricultural households and voters over the age of 55, backed President Trump over any other Republican contender.

President Trump’s stronghold on Iowa caucus voters boosts his prospects of winning the GOP nomination, as caucus participants “ultimately decide the winner,” the poll notes.

According to RSBN, another recently updated poll, assessing the preferences of Iowa voters, showed President Trump’s 30-point lead in a six-way ballot battle. Furthermore, Victory Insights claimed that President Trump has a “100% chance of victory if the caucuses were held today.”

Iowans are bracing for Trump’s visit to the Hawkeye State this weekend for another 2024 campaign rally.

“I am heading to Des Moines this Saturday to rally with the Great People of Iowa!” the president announced. “Unlike Joe Biden, I protected Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Caucuses, and always will.”

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