Trump’s newest ad shows the truth about Haley’s stance on Social Security

by Lauren Bratton

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump’s campaign dropped a truth bomb on South Carolinians with a football-themed advertisement on Super Bowl Sunday.

The ad aimed to show the reality of Nikki Haley’s past comments on Social Security and the retirement age.

To the Trump campaign’s advantage, many of Haley’s contradictory comments were made on video, making it easy to show voters the truth about her intentions.

With the Palmetto State’s Republican primary election less than two weeks away, dropping the ad via Truth Social on Super Bowl Sunday was a smart way to reach scores of voters watching America’s biggest game.

While Trump is leading Haley by a whopping 37 percentage points in South Carolina, he is still making the rounds to tell voters about his plans once he is back in the Oval Office.

The ad begins with a jumbotron video of Haley claiming that she never said that she wanted to make cuts to Social Security or raise the retirement age for Americans.

The camera then switches to the field, with the announcer stating, “There’s the red challenge hat,” as a red “Make America Great Again” hat is tossed onto the ground. The referee states that Haley’s claims were “under review” as he heads to check the instant replay on the sidelines.

The first clip shows Haley speaking about the retirement age during an interview. She matter-of-factly states that “65 is way too low, and we need to increase that.” The referee announces a review from “another angle,” which shows Haley advocating to “change retirement age to reflect life expectancy.”

The referee then heads back to the field and announces, “Nikki Haley clearly said she plans to change the rules and raise the age of Social Security.” The ad shows the negative reaction from viewers and fans, with the referee noting that “82 percent of Americans” will have their benefits cut. The announcer deems Haley’s attempt to fool voters as a “rookie mistake.”

President Trump shared the advertisement ahead of the game on Truth Social with the caption “INSTANT REPLAY.”

President Trump frequently reminds voters he has no plans to change Social Security. In early 2023, he told Republican lawmakers that “Under no circumstances” should they “vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security.”

He will likely reiterate his message at his “Get Out the Vote” Valentine’s Day rally in North Charleston on Wednesday.

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