Top TEN takeaways from Trump’s electric rally in South Carolina

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump spoke with great energy and precision on Saturday afternoon during a “Get Out the Vote” rally in Conway, South Carolina, where thousands of MAGA patriots gathered inside and outside the venue to listen to remarks from the GOP presidential frontrunner.

He even made a surprise appearance ahead of his scheduled speech to the overflow crowd, promising to return to South Carolina and host supporters at an even bigger venue.

Trump told the crowd, “I just want to thank everybody, so, I’m going in to make a speech, but I’m coming back [to South Carolina]…we’ll get the biggest arena and we’ll get the biggest piece of land…we’re going to give the best speech you’ve ever heard!”

During his speech inside the venue, he touched on a variety of important topics and made a series of strong promises to the American people while stumping in Palmetto State territory just two weeks out from the South Carolina GOP primary election.

“2024 IS OUR FINAL BATTLE,” he declared at one point during his remarks, underlining the importance of this year’s election cycle.

Here are the top ten takeaways from President Trump’s Saturday speech:

  • The president touted his dominant position in the GOP primary election, declaring that South Carolina would likely bring home a “gigantic win” in two weeks and vowed that in November, MAGA would “take back our country!”
  • Trump celebrated the death of the U.S. Senate border bill, which he called a “Biden border betrayal.” He declared, “We crushed it, we saved America from yet another horrific Biden betrayal.”
  • The president railed against Joe Biden for the horrific open border. “What Crooked Joe is doing to our border is a crime against our nation,” he stated. Trump said that the American people would see to it that Biden was “tried” at the “ballot box” in November.
  • The president derided the two-tiered system of justice in America, lambasting Biden for getting of “scot-free” in the classified documents case, and facetiously noting that Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report labeled Biden as a “mental basket case.”
  • Trump reminded the crowd that there had had “never been spirit” like in 2024 headed into November’s general election. He declared, “we have to win it…we have to send a signal out to the whole world that, come November, it’s going to be DIFFERENT.”
  • President Trump flamed former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as a candidate of “Wall Street and the war machine” and also poked fun at her with a nickname: “Tricky Nikki.”
  • Trump said that Joe Biden and “the fascists that control him are the true threat to democracy.” He added that his legal battles were only because “we’re leading SO BIG IN THE POLLS.”
  • President Trump also vowed to carry out a series of campaign promises, such as keeping men out of women’s sports, upholding the Second Amendment, protecting innocent life, and restoring free speech.
  • Trump reminded everyone that he would also secure America’s election systems. He declared, “Remember, to have a great country, you have to have strong BORDERS and STRONG ELECTIONS.”
  • Lastly, the president made his case in one simple summary: “If you want to save America, go out and VOTE. Vote Republican.” He added, “This nation does not belong to them, this nation belongs to YOU.”

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