Truth Social releases new ‘Groups’ feature for users

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Free speech platform Truth Social has launched a new feature for users called “Groups,” delivering on an anticipated promise from Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) CEO Devin Nunes.

“Our newest feature, ‘groups,’ is now available to beta test on Truth Social,” the official platform account revealed this week. “After you update your app, check the new ‘groups’ tab at the bottom of your home feed to find or create groups on topics that interest you.”

Users will be able to browse topics of interest on the app following an update that will allow them to find groups to chat with.

This feature comes just a couple of months after TMTG CEO Devin Nunes told RSBN that Truth Social had been working on developing the “groups” feature for the site.

He explained in March, It’s similar to what Facebook does…What we’re trying to do is keep it very simple, take the best aspects of Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and put it into one app.”

Truth Social initially launched in the Apple App Store in February 2022. It is now also available in the Google Play Store and the Android Store, as well as direct download for desktop users.

In late April, President Trump lauded the success of Truth Social, stating that April had been the “biggest month” of traffic on the site to date.

“April is the biggest month of Traffic on TRUTH SOCIAL, by far,” he wrote on the platform. “It has become one of the most important ‘Voices’ in the Universe, because it is my Voice, but the Fake News, most of which is dying, or dead, refuses to report on it, or its relevance.”

Truth Social was kick-started by President Trump after Big Tech platforms like Twitter and Facebook suspended him from their site in 2021.

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