Truth Social is working with ‘non woke’ partners to save free speech

by Summer Lane

Truth Social, President Donald Trump’s social media platform that is slated to launch sometime between February and March, will be working with “non woke” partners to save free speech, according to Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) CEO Devin Nunes.

During an interview on Friday with Fox Business, Nunes discussed Trump’s upcoming free speech social media platform, which has caused quite a stir for those seeking a way to share information and opinions without fear of censorship.

“The goal here is, is that by the end of March, to basically be fully operational,” Nunes said.

During the interview, Nunes addressed the concern that Big Tech app stores might not support the Truth Social platform for users, specifically in the Apple Store.

He said, “For the most part, we are operating on our own servers, right? So, we’re working with companies that are not woke. So, I’m not worried about having some of the problems that others have had.”

He also noted that 70 percent of phones in America are Apple iPhones. Further, while the concern that Apple may refuse to sell the app in their tech store is valid, Nunes pointed out that, “We have a good relationship with Apple…I’ve worked with them for a long time. President Trump has worked with them for a long time…we want what they want: we want a clean platform.”

He elaborated on this statement, adding that Truth Social will be “family friendly,” and that there will be no pornography or illegal activity allowed on the platform.

Additionally, Truth Social is currently available for preorder in the Apple Store. As previously reported by RSBN, the platform itself is currently undergoing beta testing, and while the Apple Store states a Feb. 21 launch, Nunes indicated earlier in February that a full launch will occur toward the end of March.

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