Canadian police use horses to TRAMPLE pro-freedom protesters

by Summer Lane

The Canadian police in Ottawa have shocked the world by utilizing horses to trample peaceful, pro-freedom protesters underfoot on Friday.

For the past few weeks, the Freedom Convoy has been non-violently pushing back against the tyrannical Covid restrictions of the Canadian government in Ottawa, Canada’s capitol.

However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who fled Parliament to avoid facing the protesters, invoked the never-before-used powers of the Emergencies Act, which has empowered the government to forcibly remove peaceful protesters.

This week, videos have begun spreading across the internet and social media of Ottawa police aggressively attempting to arrest and remove protesters from the streets. The Vigilant Fox posted a video on Twitter that captures the police forcefully pushing into the crowd with full riot gear as horses pound a path through the chaos, trampling bodies.

Even more disturbingly, a candid shot of police horses crushing an elderly woman on her scooter have gone viral, showing the unusual level of aggression that Ottawa police are utilizing against the Freedom Convoy protesters.

According to a previous report from RSBN, the people of the Freedom Convoy, from truckers and construction workers to mothers and children, have remained non-violent and have also maintained a respectful relationship with the Ottawa police throughout the entirety of the protest demonstrations.

Despite the upstanding behavior of peaceful citizens demanding freedom and liberty from their overreaching government leaders, Canada is doing everything they can to shut down the protests. On Friday, Ottawa police announced in an official statement on Twitter that they were moving the children of protesters to a “place of safety,” leading many to wonder what that means, and if or when the children will be returned to their guardians.

It remains to be seen if the Canadian government will ultimately acquiesce to the will of the people and drop the Covid mandates. However, it appears that Trudeau and his cohorts are determined to use whatever force is necessary to remove the freedom-loving protesters from the streets of Ottawa and shut down the organic movement to restore freedom.

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