Tucker Carlson says Jan. 6 documentary ‘proves that most of what you’ve heard about that day is a lie’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Tucker Carlson highlighted clips from a new Jan. 6 documentary that reveals key elements of what happened on that day which have been ignored by those who claim that the infamous protest at the Capitol was an insurrection. 

He posted to X, stating, “A new documentary proves that most of what you’ve heard about that day is a lie.”

Carlson decried continued efforts to keep the tapes from being fully released. He claimed that the reason for the secretive nature of the footage is orchestrated. 

He stated, “January 6th is a perfect way for the Democratic Party, and by the way the Republican Party, for the party that controls this country; the uniparty, to get what it wants.”

“To suppress the population, to keep Donald Trump from running for President again, and to put its enemies in jail,” he added. 

Carlson then pointed out how Joe Biden is using the Jan. 6 media attention to try to control the narrative. 

He shared a clip of Biden’s 2024 campaign speech, delivered in Pennsylvania on Friday. 

Biden proudly proclaimed that 1,200 people were arrested in connection to Jan. 6 and nearly 900 pled guilty with a collective sentencing of over 840 years.

Carlson called him a “vicious and cruel and hollow man” and accused him of persecuting these people for politically opposing him. 

The media personality then highlighted the new “J6: A True Timeline” documentary, which offers the events of the protest in chronological order. 

Carlson shared a clip that displayed police on the scene “misusing munition” and losing control of the situation when they fled the area due to accidentally teargassing themselves at the West Plaza. 

Carlson also pointed out that over 200 plain clothes law enforcement officers were in the crowd, but by 2:33 p.m., the documentary footage displays an officer claiming that they were set up after being overwhelmed without proper support. He said, “They set us up.”

President Donald Trump has been continuously accused of encouraging a riot and even orchestrating a violent insurrection by various politicians and news outlets. 

Despite this, the footage offers details that corroborate previous claims that former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi failed to properly prepare leadership and law enforcement, per the New York Post.

Carlson questioned the motive behind these failures. He said, “It wasn’t like federal authorities didn’t know there was going to be a big demonstration. They knew very well. They’d been talking about it for weeks.”

He concluded, “Our leadership class is poisonous, power-mad, and dangerous. They’re the dangerous ones. Not the people who showed up at the Capitol to protest the theft of their democratic election.” 

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