Tucker weighs in on Trump’s ‘blowout’ victory in Iowa

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump made history on Monday night, netting a historic, record-breaking win in the Iowa caucuses, drawing praise from perhaps the most prominent journalist in the country, Tucker Carlson.

Carlson, who currently airs a popular social media-based show, “Tucker Carlson Uncensored,” on X, weighed in on President Trump’s dominant showing in the Iowa caucuses.  

He stated on his show, “Donald Trump won decisively. At this point, it’s hard to see how he’s NOT the Republican nominee. Because he didn’t just win last night, he triumphed overwhelmingly, by a historic margin. Trump won the Iowa caucuses by about 30 points. That’s more than double the previous record.”

As reported by RSBN, Trump closed the night out with a victorious gap of around 30 full percentage points over the runner-up, beating the previous record held by Bob Dole at 12.8 points in 1988.

Carlson continued, “Trump won the Iowa caucuses by about 30 points. That’s more than DOUBLE the previous record…so, last night was not CLOSE. It was a shocking blowout. Trump did to Iowa what the Vikings once did to the Irish coast: only smoldering huts remained.”

Tucker then jokingly showed a clip of CNN broadcaster Chris Wallace, noting, “Chris Wallace looked like he was going to be sick.”

Fox News reported on Tuesday that Trump had won a staggering 98 out of 99 Iowa counties in the caucuses, reiterating his unique popularity and strength among voting Iowans who indicated clearly on Monday that they want the 45th president to be the 2024 Republican nominee.

President Trump said in his Iowa victory speech that it was “a great honor” to win the caucuses so decisively, stating that “the big night is going to be in November when we take back our country, and truly we do make America great again.”

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