Upholding principles: defending Justice Samuel Alito’s use of the Appeal to Heaven flag

by David Crum

Op-ed by David Crum | Photo: Alamy

Does Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito have the right to fly the “An Appeal to Heaven” flag outside of his own residence?

The flag, linked to John Locke, the American Revolution, and George Washington, is seen as a danger to democracy by numerous people on the far-left.

Several pundits and lawmakers have criticized Alito for displaying the flag outside his vacation home, pointing out that the same flag was flown during the January 6th protest outside of the U.S. Capitol Building.

The motto and flag, “An Appeal to Heaven,” have received extensive criticism and are viewed by many on the far-left as representations of Christian nationalism.

Those opposing its use in the United States also dislike the well-known slogan, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Christian nationalism doesn’t threaten the United States or its democratic principles. Christian ideals and principles strongly shaped the nation’s founding and development.

Christianity is frequently targeted in attacks related to current controversial issues. The Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ often oppose secularism, which prioritizes human trust over trust in God, and this should not come as a surprise to Christians.

An Appeal to Heaven emphasizes trust and hope in God rather than humanity. Philosophical observations of humanity’s reliability and fallibility substantiate this stance. Human beings disappoint. Christians who believe in divine providence and God’s will see An Appeal to Heaven as humanity’s only hope.

Alito can fly the An Appeal to Heaven flag per his constitutional rights. Saying anything else would be seen as an attack on his religious convictions.

Christians may remember the uncomfortable confirmation hearings of Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett, during which their religious beliefs were scrutinized.

Alito’s Christian beliefs are his, and it is not acceptable for anyone to attack them, as every American, regardless of their status in the judiciary or political world, has the right to their religious freedom. Ironically, such a protection is perhaps at the core of his foundational vocation.

It’s not just a flag or a justice that’s under attack, but Christianity as a whole.

When a movement or practice is deemed sinful or forbidden based on Christian principles and the Bible, the far-left implements all necessary measures to eliminate the teachings found in the historic faith.

An Appeal to Heaven became a foundational principle during the American Revolution, teaching hope, judgment, and direction derived from God alone, and certainly not a king.  

While Alito holds a critical position and is one of the most influential figures in the country, this doesn’t negate the fact that he has the religious right and freedom to wave a Christian flag or any Christian symbol outside of his home.

If politicians or justices believe that God ordains events or that their only hope lies in God, that’s completely fine and personal to their religious convictions.  

Regardless of political affiliation, we must view such attacks on freedom of speech and religion as a serious threat to democracy. The modern English government, which has arrested people for silently praying near abortion clinics, is the last thing Americans want to resemble.

The crowd on January 6th flew Gadsden, Betsy Ross, and modern-day American flags, too. The fact that only the historic flags are targeted is not a coincidence. America’s founding principles are under attack.

When a society is no longer allowed to fly flags, it opens the door for authoritarian regimes to decide which flags are permitted. This bears a shocking resemblance to Nazi Germany, where Adolf Hitler enforced the display of the Nazi Party flag in Christian churches.

It’s not merely a flag under attack, but the faith that Christians hold close to their hearts. Throughout history, socialistic and communist movements have eradicated religion due to its conflict with their tyrannical agenda.

The attack on An Appeal to Heaven highlights the ongoing tension between Christianity and those seeking to eliminate its foundational principles in the nation.   

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