Vimeo permanently BANS RSBN’s channel days before Trump rally

by Ashley Muñoz

Vimeo, a video sharing platform, permanently disabled Right Side Broadcasting Network’s account, citing a violation of Vimeo’s “terms of service.”

Vimeo sent a notice to RSBN administrators on Thursday informing that the “account has been disabled due to a violation of Vimeo’s Terms of Service and/or Guidelines.” This comes less than a week after the platform told RSBN that recently published content was under “review,” and any speech they deemed “conspiracy-related” was considered a violation of the site’s rules.

This act of silencing our network came just days after Google-owned YouTube slapped RSBN with a punitive “strike” which prevented our network from uploading videos or live-streaming for seven days. This came within just one day of YouTube lifting a previous strike on our channel.

A second YouTube strike within 90 days will prevent us from going live or posting content for an entire two weeks. A third strike within the same timeframe would mean permanent deletion of RSBN’s channel.

It is still mind-boggling to our network and to millions of Americans as to why so many social media and video sharing platforms continue to flag and ultimately remove content portraying a political opinion alternate to the mainstream narrative. Topics related to the efficacy and safety of vaccines, the 2020 presidential election, and content surrounding President Trump have been some of the most recent talking points flagged by the online media giants, in an attempt to stifle debate.

In order to navigate around these obstacles placed in front of us by social media platforms, our network has branched out to other means of communication.

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