Trump embraces and honors 100-year-old vet at Club 45 event

by Samantha Flom

President Donald Trump honored a 100-year-old WWII veteran with a warm hug last week in West Palm Beach.

The touching moment occurred at a Club 45 USA meeting, during which the 45th president addressed a crowd of supporters. 

In a clip that aired on Real America’s Voice, Trump can be seen taking questions, one of them coming from the U.S. Army Air Corps veteran.

“When are you going to honor people who are 100 years old?” the centenarian asked, evoking laughs and cheers from the crowd. 

The president responded by asking someone in the crowd to toss him one of his trademark hats and saying, “We’re gonna get him the most beautiful hat.”

Trump then stepped offstage to present the veteran with the hat. The pair then hugged and exchanged a few private words, during which the veteran appeared to ask the president another question. 

“I will,” Trump replied, before turning to the crowd and adding, “I won’t tell you what he said, but it’s a good one.”

Real America’s Voice anchor Ed Henry, who attended the event, speculated that Trump might have reassured the man that he plans to run for president again in 2024.

“I couldn’t exactly hear what (the veteran) said,” Henry noted, “but what I saw was something like, ‘You’ve gotta run. … Take back the country.’”

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Club 45 USA has become one of the most successful political clubs in South Florida, regularly attracting hundreds of attendees to its meetings and events. The outlet reported that club members snatched up tickets for the event with Trump within 45 minutes.

Trump, meanwhile, has remained outspoken in his support for veterans since leaving the White House. In a video message he released on Veterans’ Day, he addressed them by saying, “We love you, our nation respects you, the world respects you, and we will come back.”

Noting that the nation’s armed forces have faced “very, very tough” challenges in recent months, Trump added, “Our country has been through a lot … but our country will be back, and will be back stronger than ever.”

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