Al Sharpton rattled by protestors at border press conference

by Libby Krieger
Youtube screenshot

Rev. Al Sharpton, a notoriously progressive civil rights activist, was heckled by audience members while he attempted to hold a press conference at a migrant encampment at the nation’s southern border in Del Rio, Texas on Thursday.

According to the Washington Examiner, two male protestors shouted at him, forcing him to cut short his speech after only two minutes and 30 seconds.

“How much money are you making?” they yelled.

“We don’t want your racism in Texas. Get out of here. You’re a disgrace. You’re a racist. Nobody wants you in Texas. Nobody wants you in Texas,” the men continued, drowning Sharpton’s message out.

“The Trump supporters and the right-wingers can scream all they want,” he fired back at the men.

Although Sharpton tried to speak over the men at first, his attempts were ultimately futile.

After photos of border patrol agents on horseback riding towards illegal aliens surfaced earlier this week, many progressives criticized border patrol, accusing them of whipping the aliens.

Sharpton was among those who relayed heavy backlash, accusing agents of using “slave-like techniques,” the New York Post reported.

In response to the media and progressive criticism of the photos, the White House announced that agents will no longer be permitted to be on horses, according to NBC.

However, mounted border patrol agents are not given whips but instead long reins to control the horses, suggesting the whipping narrative to be false.

The two male protestors also defended the agents amid Sharpton’s criticisms.

“Get out of Texas. Get out of Texas. You are wrong. You are wrong,” they shouted. “The Border Patrol are heroes.”

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