Astounding crowds at Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania prove MAGA is unstoppable

by Grace Saldana

Photo: Alamy

MAGA supporters are more fired up than ever to support President Donald J. Trump ahead of the presidential election on Nov. 5, 2024.

In swing states, the MAGA movement is pulling out all the stops, attending rallies rain or shine, to support Trump as he endures lawfare from radical left prosecutors.

Just two days before his criminal trial began in New York City, an impressive 42,000 Americans turned out at his massive rally in Pennsylvania, a coveted battleground state in U.S. elections. This demonstrates a powerful resolve among supporters, who energetically cheered him on Saturday night.

Several photos released by Team Trump on social media depicted just how expansive the crowd was. From the president’s point of view, crowds extended “as far as the eye can see,” he noted during the rally in the Allentown area.

Pennsylvania is always a nail-biter during presidential elections. In both 2016 and 2020, results in the Keystone State were decided by a margin of less than two percent.

Reflective of the massive crowds President Trump received in east Pennsylvania, he is also crushing the state’s general election polling.

One of the latest polls published by Echelon Insights/The Heritage Foundation has Trump up with a four-point lead over Biden. He also has a commanding 10-point lead in Georgia and wide leads in Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan.

While the polls are a positive sign for the 45th president, he will continue to work hard to guarantee his reelection. Throughout the trials and tribulations, he can count on the MAGA base to stand by his side with unwavering support.

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