Australians defy government to show solidarity with the truckers

by Laura Ramirez

The convoy of Canadian truckers protesting cross-border vaccine mandates has inspired similar protests in Australia, as thousands of Australians gather on the nation’s capital to challenge the country’s mandate.

The protestors, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, swarmed through Canberra to gather on the lawn in front of the Parliament House on Saturday in protest of Australia’s stringent Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

Photos and videos posted to social media show innumerable crowds holding signs reading, “Free Australia. End mandates,” and “Coercion is not consent.” At the forefront of these protests are frontline workers, such as nurses, police, and firefighters, who have lost their jobs due to the forceful Covid measures taken by the Australian government.

A Federal MP estimated that the Canberra gathering was the largest demonstration he has seen in the capital city throughout his 11 years as a parliamentarian.

7NEWS reporter Jennifer Bechwati, who covered the protest, also emphasized the size of the crowd gathered, saying it was “one of the biggest protests” she has ever seen.

The massive Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada protesting cross-border vaccine mandates implemented in the country in January sparked other global protests, including France, as citizens challenge the country’s vaccine pass needed to enter public places.

The monumental freedom convoys display the global unpopularity of vaccine mandates, as individuals from all walks of life demand that authoritarian governments cease Covid-related restrictions.

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