Burying the lead: how Democrats twisted Devon Archer’s testimony to protect Biden

by John Hanna

Op-ed by John Hanna | Photo: Alamy

Transcripts released by the House Oversight Committee of testimony given by Devon Archer revealed information that could be damaging to Joe and Hunter Biden. However, in an effort to downplay this potential damage, Rep Daniel Goldman, D-N.Y., slanted the testimony to create a positive headline for Joe Biden instead. 

Goldman’s efforts were supported by other high-profile Democrats telling news outlets that Archer testified Hunter Biden created “an illusion of access” to Joe Biden.

It is worth noting that the transcripts reveal the illusion of access phrase was explicitly introduced by Rep. Goldman during testimony, not Archer. 

Archer also testified he never personally witnessed anything business-related being spoken about on the phone between Joe and Hunter Biden. However, Archer noted the calls between Joe and Hunter Biden are “signal enough to be powerful.”

When speaking to the press, Goldman dismissed this point of Archer’s testimony.

Goldman told the press Joe and Hunter Biden spoke on the phone about nothing significant and only talked about the weather.

Goldman’s statement conflicts with what he said in a closed-door meeting about the discussion between Joe and Hunter Biden “of business on the phone conversations” instead “talked about the weather or whatever it was, but never any business.”

When taken together, Goldman’s statements are vague at best and ignore an important part of Archer’s testimony. 

During his testimony, Archer said signals “are basically used as currency,” and signals are how “D.C. operators and foreign tycoons and businessmen work.” Archer testified nothing significant was said between Joe and Hunter Biden but mentioned Hunter Biden used the family name to increase value and secure foreign business ventures. 

Archer also testified that Hunter Biden would bring Joe Biden into investment meetings via phone call to authenticate claims to the family name. Goldman overlooked these key points when news of Archer’s testimony was officially released to the press and before the transcripts were made public. 

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