CNN ratings continue to PLUMMET post-Trump

by Ryan Meilstrup

CNN’s ratings have plunged since President Trump left office. The cable news network that ironically bills itself as the “most trusted name in news” is being badly beaten in the ratings by Fox News.

In addition to a loss of interest in the news following Trump’s January departure from the White House, CNN has been rocked by negative headlines ranging from host Chris Cuomo being accused of sexual assault by a former ABC News producer, to podcast star Joe Rogan’s accusation that the network lied about his taking of ivermectin – which they claimed was strictly used for veterinary care as a horse dewormer.

According to Fox News, “CNN’s total day viewer average has plummeted to 484,000, a distant third behind Fox News’ 1.4 million” from Oct. 1 through Oct. 15.

During the same time span, Fox News trounced CNN in primetime viewers as well. CNN averaged a paltry 729,000 viewers during weekday primetime coverage compared to Fox News’ 2.6 million viewers in primetime.

And the month of September wasn’t much better for the Atlanta-based network.

In September, CNN failed to reach one million viewers on any of its programs for 23 out of 30 days.

To put this in perspective, CNN averaged 950,000 viewers last September during the final weeks of the 2020 election. This September, the network only averaged 557,000, which is a 41 percent decline.

CNN’s viewership downturn can be traced back directly to the time President Trump flew to Mar-a-Lago following Joe Biden’s inauguration – something that Trump himself predicted.

“Newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there, because, without me, their ratings are going down the tubes,” Trump once said.

And here we are 10 months into the Biden administration and news outlets are indeed losing much of the audience and readership they gained during his time in the White House.

Back in March, the Daily Wire reported that “CNN averaged 2.5 million primetime viewers from Nov. 4, the day following the presidential election, through inauguration Day on Jan. 20.”

However, the day after Biden was sworn in, CNN’s ratings tanked.

From Jan. 21 through March 15, primetime viewers declined 36 percent. And viewership has only worsened for CNN since then.

Noting the media’s declining ratings, President Trump issued a statement in which he said that “CNN ratings are down 70%. MSDNC is also way down. Actually, they are ALL way down. They say the news is “boring” since I left D.C. Morning Joe, Joy Reid (whoever that is?), Nicole Wallace, Jake Tapper, and even Chris Wallace, at Fox, in free fall. A wonderful thing to see.”

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