Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Joe Biden: ‘Let’s Go Brandon, we’ll see you in court’

by Vianca Rodriguez

Amid a challenging scenario with local, state, and federal officials struggling to contain the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, Attorneys General Ken Paxton and Eric Schmitt are taking legal action against the Biden administration.

While visiting the border city of El Paso on Thursday, the Texas and Missouri attorneys general announced during a press conference broadcasted by RSBN they have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for abruptly pausing border wall construction.

“We will be filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration as it relates to building this wall,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton confirmed.

“The fact that Congress appropriated large sums of money and directed that money be spent on the wall…our lawsuit is about forcing that expenditure to be spent the way Congress intended. The reason we care so much about this is that it is having tremendously negative effects on our states,” Paxton said.

“Let’s go Brandon, we’ll see you in court,” said the attorney general to a cheering crowd.

The AG revealed that $1.8 billion was appropriated to finish building the southern border wall. However, Joe Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office that authorized spending approximately $6 million taxpayer dollars every day to prevent the southern border wall from being constructed.

“We are very discouraged by the lack of care by the President. He has done almost everything he can do to make it more difficult for our border towns, our border states, and the entire U.S. as we’ve watched our immigration problem become a massive problem,” Paxton continued. “I would say it’s the direct result of policies that they knew would do exactly what they’re doing.”

In addition, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt warned that the humanitarian crisis is overwhelming existing resources and capacities, especially in Texas and Missouri, because of Biden’s failure to secure the border.

“The main reason we have this unprecedented surge in illegal immigration is the failure for him to build the wall that President Trump led on, that Congress appropriated money for,” Schmitt said.

Schmitt revealed that during he and Paxton’s “eye-opening” border tour, they saw what appeared to be border wall material that was rusting and rotting on the ground, “all for politics by Joe Biden.”

The Missouri AG also highlighted how the border crisis has affected his state as large upticks in human trafficking have taken a toll on Kansas City. All 50 states should care about what happens at the border, because anything that happens there, ultimately affects them all, according to Schmitt.

“All of the states are border states because of this unprecedented surge of illegal immigration that we have to stop, and we need to finish President Trump’s wall,” he said.

Border Patrol and other federal agencies are burdened with processing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, yet the federal government has not taken action to alleviate them and halt the mass migration.

Despite the federal government’s lack of help, state and federal law enforcers continue apprehending as many illegal immigrants as possible, while also attempting to curb illegal drugs such as fentanyl from being smuggled through the southern border. They are clearly overwhelmed on all fronts, especially as another record-breaking surge of 400,000 migrants is expected in the coming weeks.

Although President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy could be reinstated as soon as November, the new lawsuit seeks to continue border wall construction.

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