Conservatives decry Colorado ruling to remove Trump from the ballot

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Conservatives are rallying for election integrity after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled to remove President Donald Trump’s name from the state’s 2024 Presidential ballot.

RSBN reported that the decision was based on the grounds that President Trump “engaged in insurrection” even though he has not been found guilty of doing so. 

Many conservatives took to Twitter, causing “Colorado” to trend as they questioned the validity of a court decision that rules that someone is guilty of a crime they have never been convicted of. 

Political commentator Rogan O’Handley posted to X stating, “I don’t even need to read this Colorado Supreme Court Judge’s opinions. I already know what she’s going to say. Every time.”

Cartoonist Scott Adams said, “I’m loving the Colorado overreach. The decision will be reversed. Trump’s poll numbers will go up.”

Then he added, “But best of all, this gives you permission to assume the 2020 election was rigged —  without proof — because “stop Trump at any cost” is evident in this decision.”

Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, blasted the decision, noting, “The state of Colorado just removed Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot.”

“An effort led by four Democrats. The very same Democrats who scream about “DEMOCRACY,” just took an open flame to the very concept,” he added. 

“Then he concluded, “If Donald Trump is so unpopular with the American people, then why are we witnessing unprecedented election interference to stop him from winning next year?”

Trump’s U.S. National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn called it “election interference” and said, “This is the communist left taking their COUP to another level.”

“They will stop at nothing until Trump, his family, and America, as a constitutional republic, are destroyed,” he said, going on to describe an alleged “American Socialism” scheme. 

Podcast host and internet personality Catturd wrote, “Trump just won Colorado in the General. Thanks Commies!”

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