DeSantis responds to Biden admin plans to dump illegal immigrants in Florida: ‘I will send them to Delaware’

by Laura Ramirez

The Biden administration was criticized this week by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over its plan to put illegal immigrants on “secretive” flights in Florida. DeSantis warned that he will send these individuals to Biden’s home state of Delaware if the administration continues to flood the state with illegal immigrants.

“My view would be, if they’re going to come here, you know, we’ll provide buses and provide them. I will send them to Delaware,” DeSantis said during a press conference Wednesday. “If [Biden’s] not going to support the border being secured, then he should be able to have everyone there.”

DeSantis slammed Joe Biden for expressing concern about the migrant crisis currently happening on the border between Poland and Belarus while failing to handle the border crisis happening in the country he presides over.

The governor’s office claimed that more than 70 flights carrying illegal immigrants from the southern border have landed during the night in Jacksonville, Fla.

“Over 70 air charter flights [on] jetliner airliners coming from the southwest border have landed at Jacksonville International Airport,” Larry Keefe, DeSantis’s public safety czar, said. “On average, there’s 36 passengers on each of these flights. And that has been going on over the course of the summer through September.”

According to Fox News, one of the passengers on the flights was a Honduran native, who posed as a minor, and has since been arrested and charged with the murder of a father of four in Florida.

“If Biden had not been doing that, if he’d been doing his job, that individual be alive today,” DeSantis said.

The governor also threatened to deny businesses state contracts if they continue to help Biden dump illegal immigrants in the state.

“We’re looking at what we can do. I think that they use these private contractors. So what we’re looking at is how can we fight back against the contractors? We can obviously deny them state contracts, which we will do. Can we deny them access to Florida’s market generally? Can we tax them? Can we do things to provide disincentives so they can’t do it? So we’re going to do whatever we can to do it,” DeSantis continued.

The governor vowed to take swift action against these “contractors” who help the Biden Administration. “But we are going to go after some of these contractors because they are bringing in people that are causing burdens on us and, as we’ve said, tragically caused someone to lose their life.”

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