Florida attorney general leads coalition against vaccine mandate

by Timothy Frudd

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed an amicus brief Tuesday, leading 18 states in supporting Georgia’s multistate lawsuit against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

Moody announced her actions in a tweet on Wednesday, saying, “We must always defend Floridians from unlawful federal overreach. I am proud to lead a coalition of 18 states in an important multistate effort against @JoeBiden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors.”

A press release from the attorney general’s office states, “While COVID-19 infections are rapidly decreasing, President Biden is showing no signs of relenting in his pursuit of power over the personal medical decisions of Americans.”

Moody added, “As Florida’s Attorney General, I am fighting to protect Floridians from Biden’s unlawful federal overreach and I am proud to lead a multistate effort in support of Georgia’s case to stop the unlawful vaccine mandate for federal contractors.”

According to her press release, Moody filed a similar action against the Biden administration in October, winning a temporary injunction against Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal workers. Moody also sued the Biden administration when the government mandated Covid-19 vaccinations for all healthcare workers.

Currently, the federal government is in the process of appealing Georgia’s case against Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors. Moody is leading a multistate charge to help Georgia and states across the nation against what many believe are unconstitutional mandates by the Biden administration.

A federal judge recently signed a permanent injunction that blocked the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors in the state of Arizona. The coalition now rallying behind Moody could present a significant blow to Biden’s vaccine mandates for federal workers. Biden’s vaccine mandates already received a devastating blow when the Supreme Court struck down his attempt to mandate vaccine requirements for private businesses earlier this year.

As the United States recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic and case numbers continue to drop, Americans are signaling for an end to Biden’s authoritarian Covid-19 mandates. Moody’s leadership could help restore freedom for federal contractors and allow Americans to make their own medical choices.

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