Florida sues Biden admin over vaccine mandates for medical workers

by Joshua Perry

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced Thursday that Florida is suing the Biden administration over its unconstitutional CMS vaccine mandates that would “Force Floridians to choose between providing for their families and their healthcare autonomy.”

The new ruling from the Democrat-controlled White House requires all employees of every healthcare providing facility in Florida receiving federal funding for Medicaid or Medicare to have at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by Dec. 6.

Medical workers are to be fully vaccinated, a definition that continues to change, by Jan. 4, 2022. Seeing this as a political move due to low approval ratings, Attorney General Moody said in a press release that Biden, “who once lauded these medical professionals as heroes sacrificing their safety to save Americans from Covid, now abandons them in a feeble attempt to score political points at the worst possible time.”

Considering the need for medical practitioners, Moody added that the unlawful order is just, “Another disastrous policy decision based on politics just as pandemic burnout is thinning our health care ranks and creating a dire staffing shortage.”

Fearing the CMS edict will diminish the quantity of medical experts in Florida, the lawsuit follows fresh on the heels of another litigation against the Biden administration filed previously by the Sunshine State.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced in October that Florida would be suing the Biden administration for imposing its tyrannical motion to mandate federal contractors within the state to be vaccinated or suffer the withdrawal of federal funding and project contracts. A move that would drastically impact the economy of Florida.

The new lawsuit filed by Attorney General Moody arrives simultaneously as Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., signed four bills into law prohibiting vaccine mandates within the state.

Located at the Brandon Honda dealership of Brandon, Fla., DeSantis said, “Nobody should lose their job because of Covid jabs.” The law ensures that Floridians cannot be terminated from their employment status for refusing to comply with vaccine mandates.

Additionally, Gov. DeSantis put parents, not government first, as he signed into law a declaration that protects parents’ rights over the vaccination status of their children. The new laws shield private and public employees from vaccine mandates and overrides the Biden administration’s vaccine requirement for employers of 100 or more workers. Governor DeSantis inked his signature onto the laws after calling for three days of a special session for the Florida delegation.

In his press conference, Gov. DeSantis added, “We recognize that people have natural immunity. To say it should be mandated when you can still get Covid—this is a personal choice.”

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