French citizens block trains to protest tyrannical vaccine mandates

by Summer Lane

The spirit of freedom is alive and well in France. Last week, freedom-loving French citizens protested their government’s oppressive coronavirus mandates and regulations by stopping trains and standing on the tracks.

This protest is part of an ongoing French movement to fight back against the government’s tyrannical “Health Pass,” which requires citizens to receive a Covid-19 vaccine in exchange for entrance to any public place, including all modes of public transportation, like trains.

Last week marked the 14th consecutive weekend that the French people have marched against the restrictive mandates, taking to the streets with flags, signs, and fiery energy.

These protests and demonstrations are a direct response to the seemingly endless coronavirus regulations that have been instated by the French government, which recently announced that all requirements related to the Health Pass would be extended to July 2022. This prolongs the coronavirus pandemic-caused state of emergency imposed by French authorities considerably, since the original state of emergency was scheduled to expire in November 2021.

The Health Pass system in France has driven citizens to light the flames of liberty. The French have not been deterred in their efforts to push back against the governmental restrictions by protesting peacefully and powerfully.

Currently, unvaccinated French citizens are barred from entering restaurants, long or short-distance modes of transportation, hotels, concerts, amusement parks, theaters, and even medical settings if they do not provide a Health Pass. As of Sept. 30, these restrictions now apply to minors ages 12 and over.

France recently shifted its entry rules for U.S. citizens, requiring them to be fully vaccinated to enter the country. If a traveler is not vaccinated, they must “present a compelling reason for travel through submission of an attention form,” along with a negative Covid-19 test, either in the form of a PCR swab or an antigen test within 48 hours of departure, according to the United States Embassy. However, domestic travel within France requires the Health Pass, which is directly linked to the downloadable QR-code app, TousAntiCovid.

The French protests are part of a wave of rebellion against tyranny that is sweeping the globe, as citizens in strict countries like Canada, Italy, and Australia protest their government’s equally oppressive coronavirus regulations and mandates.

In light of the organic protests and pushback that these medically fascist regulations have received, the French government may soon have to consider loosening coronavirus restrictions to placate the freedom-hungry people of France.

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