Get ready for the red wave: GOP consistently UP on generic congressional ballot as Election Day looms

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

The GOP is set to stage a monumental comeback in the United States, according to several of the latest polls and surveys, indicating that a seismic political shift may be brewing for America in November.

According to a new poll from NYT/Siena College, Republicans are leading by four points on the Generic Congressional Ballot. The survey also found that the GOP was up 10 points with Independents and up 14 points with women. There has also been a five-point shift overall toward Republicans from September.

As races continue to move toward the right across the country, House and Senate forecasts are looking bleak for Democrats. Per RSBN, a recent report from Real Clear Politics (RCP) indicated that Republicans should net at least 220 seats in the House to Democrats’ projected 180.

However, an updated RCP forecast this week projected that three more races are shifting toward Republicans. It also projected 221 House seats for the GOP, 178 for the Democrats, and 36 toss-up seats in play.

This year’s midterm election season has been heavily influenced by the endorsement choices of President Donald Trump. He has boosted many America First candidates in their respective races across the nation, infusing vitality and strength into the Republican Party.

This week, Trump slammed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., pointing out that the “Old Broken Crow” had “lost every single time to me in his cherished Senate races.” He added, “I am up 42-0 over the las two cycles, & never even tried to run up the score by opposing Todd Young of Indiana, or John Thune of South Dakota…”

Per Interactive Polls, the generic ballot has consistently shown that a Republican victory is coming to Congress:

“NYT/Siena GOP — 49% (R+4) Dem — 45%

Harvard/Harris GOP — 53% (R+6) Dem — 47%

Rasmussen GOP — 48% (R+7) Dem — 41%

CBS/YouGov GOP — 47% (R+2) Dem — 45%

Trafalgar GOP — 48% (R+5) Dem — 43%”

A survey of the 2022 Generic Ballot in battleground states from CD Media also found that the GOP leads by several points in Arizona (+7), Pennsylvania (+6), and Wisconsin (+5).

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